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Active gourmet wine journey

Program idea:
Experience Germany’s oldest wine region up close with all of your senses and discover the numerous hiking and cycling trails around the beautiful Moselle wine region. Learn about local viticulture and enjoy exquisite wines from local winemakers. In the evening, experience the warm hospitality of the wine restaurant and spoil your palate with regional specialities.

Ruhr region

Marking the industrial culture of the Ruhr region

Program idea:
The Ruhr region, with its industrial culture, plays a central role in the search for great fortune. For the coal miners, the greeting ‘Glück Auf’ has a special significance as no-one could predict with certainty whether the miners’ hard work would lead to a reward. Coal, steel, coke and gas brought luck and promised a good income. Today, this region and its history are stylishly captured and can be experienced. Old mines now serve as exhibition rooms for museums, former railway lines have been transformed into cycle paths and the entire area is home to contemporary art in public spaces.