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Rüdesheim is small but nice

Program idea:
Explore a small, colourful and captivating town. Visit Siegfried’s Mechanical Museum, enjoy an authentic Rüdesheimer coffee drink or a gondola trip to the Niederwald monument. Round off your trip with a visit to a wine producer who will impart their love of viticulture in an entertaining way in their wine cellar. Take stock of the day’s events as you sip a glass of wine.

Koblenz – in the arms of the Rhine and the Moselle rivers

Program idea:
See Koblenz in a different light: admire its diversity. Visit the city’s most beautiful sights and point your camera lens towards the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress or famous ‘German Corner’. Your personal photographer will help you find the perfect angle and transform your memories into beautiful pictures. To round off your trip, we’ll arrange a private exhibition of your photos on board to help you select unique masterpieces.
Ostsee (Rostock / Warnemünde)

Sailor’s yarn and great legends…

Program idea:
A Hanseatic city with charm awaits you in the far north. Enjoy the 150m-wide, fine sandy beach at Warnemünde where you can undertake various team-based activities. Listen to the screeching of the seagulls and feel the fresh breeze on your face while discovering interesting facts from 800 years of history. Greet the day with a joyful ‘Moin’ and let us show you the region’s highlights.